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Wednesday, September 9, 2020 8:24:44 PM


To add an EMBEDDED SCRIPT like a Google Map or anything else is pretty simple and pretty much matches the way you would do it in any other method of adding scripts to websites. The two videos below show the first step, which is to type an address into Google, which will produce a map, then share the map and select the "Embed" tab. Next, you copy the entire link. The second step involves going into an edit space on the contact form you are using and then clicking the source code "< >" button and pasting the link. Finally save the form and you are done.

Video 1. Getting the embed script for the function you want to add. This is for a Google Map, which we want for our Contact Form.

Video 2. Saving the new script onto the page or onto the form where you want it to show.


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