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How-To INSTALL your Website onto any device (PWA).

Your Website can be installed onto any device.

Here is the procedure for the iPhone 10x which uses the Safari Web Browser. All of the browsers will feature some kind of "Add To Home Screen" (A2H) functionality. Usually what happens is that once a visitor gets to your Website for the first time they are prompted to "Add "YourWebsitesName" to the Home Screen, or something near to that scenario. The visitor just has to accept and it will happen for them. Then they will have your APP icon on their device and can immediately re-visit or use your site in the future. This avoids all the pesky app store and download routines. Installing your PWA makes like much easier as you can do everything concerning your site on your device instead of needing a computer or laptop. We recommend using at least a year 2012 or newer SmartPhone/Tablet.

NOTE: In this video for the Website "" is installed onto an iPhone 10x. The steps to follow appear at the bottom of the screen in the video. Simply substitute the "" name with "YourWebsitesName" instead and you can install your website onto a device.

DoubleCLICK the video to go FULLSCREEN.


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