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1. Click ADMIN. 2. Click "Search Engine Optimization". 3. Select the DOMAINS tab. 4. Input your DOMAIN name. 5. Click the green "Save" button. NOTE: In order for this to work you need to point the "A-record" of your domain(s) to the IP of the web server that hosts your Website (you can easily find the IP address by running a "ping" command on your computer). NOTE: Each domain that you add here must be approved by the SoNET Web Engine admin (the person running the place where you got this website). Once approved the change is instant IF you have properly setup at a minimum, your "A-Record". NOTE: We recommend using CloudFlare to obtain a FREE security certificate so that your site is HTTPS served. The instructions on how to do that are available once you sign up for CloudFlare. [Here are the CLOUDFLARE HOW-TO VIDEOS:]
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